About Harford Metal Products


Harford Metal Products is a product line of Harford Systems LLC. Harford Systems began its life as "The Only Cage, Inc." in 1941. Within the brand new 12,000 square foot facility, The Only Cage, a Pennsylvania based company, produced commercial poultry housing, egg laying systems and custom fabricated items such as wire rakes for Sears and Roebuck.

Around 1954 The Only Cage was sold and was renamed Harford Metal Products, Inc. The company completed a facility expansion and acquired an adjacent lot that included a Massy Ferguson dealership. In the mid 1960's Harford's talents were put to use in an effort to arm our soldiers and Marines during the Vietnam Conflict. Over 4 million bomb pallets and radar screens were produced at the facility. Custom fabricated sheetmetal products for Western Electric, later known as AT&T, GE and Westinghouse created diversification within the facility. During this time Harford Metal purchased "The Schaeffer Ice Cream Cabinet Division" of Studebaker and began production of walk-in coolers and freezers under the Duracool brand name. Through 1975 Harford Metal expanded its product lines and customer base.

Harford continues to remain diverse in the manufacturing segment by fabricating custom goods such as; blood donor scales, acoustical ceiling panels for Washington, DC metro system, concrete surfacing equipment and steam baths to name a few.

The Animal Transport Conversion, ATC, product line was developed via a local demand for professional equipment to transport animals. As an upfitter, Harford Systems provides a turnkey system to the end user. Each van is fitted with aluminum interior skinning and sealed water tight for washing. A one piece bulkhead separates the driver from the animal area. Stainless Steel caging units are mounted in the rear of the van and a separate HVAC system is installed to provide conditioned air to each cage compartment. Finally, various options are added as per the customers' requests. Some of these options include, gun boxes, light systems, equipment lockers and ramps.

Today, under the name of Harford Metal Products we are introducing our line of Steam Pots, Weathervanes and crabbing accessories.

With all of the square footage and equipment Harford has to offer it has one greater asset, its workforce. Caring and committed people who welcome the opportunity to serve its customers complete the company known as "Harford Systems, Inc".