Crab Steamer Pots

Harford Metal Products is currently fabricating 3 standard size steamer pots, 1 clam pot, and on customer request, special steam pots can be fabricated. This includes live steam hook up. All steamer pots are fabricated from stainless steel in the USA and feature a heavy duty 16-gauge bottom with either an 18 gauge or 20-gauge body. Each steam pot includes a self-locating perforated basket with an integrated internal store wire pail handle, elevated from the bottom allowing you an area for your favorite liquid mix for steam generation.

All items are TIG welded (Tungsten Inert Gas) and tested to ensure that they are watertight. The lid has a welded band on the underside that inserts into the pot. This helps to direct the water that is created by the steam vapor to drain back into the pot and reduce the chance of your pot running dry.
Many of our clients have been using these steam pots for over 15 years and are still in use today. Less expensive steam pots are on the market, but you will be hard pressed to find one like ours that will last you through the years. Made in America!
email or call for availability.